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Carol treated me with the  A.R.T.® protocol for my shallot and garlic sensitivities I have had for over 10 years. I now have confidence in eating garlic and shallots without the fear of feeling ill and without any digestive issues. My digestive health has changed dramatically. She also helped in easing the severity of my seasonal allergies too!

The office visits were very professional, organized, supportive, and very informative and she always eager to answer all my questions! 

Diane C

My chemical sensitivities have greatly improved. I can now walk into the cleaning aisle while shopping and not have an allergic reaction; and I am also OK in a room when someone is wearing perfume or cologne. My elbow rashes are all gone. Carol is highly organized, knowledgeable, compassionate, and upbeat! Thank you for making me so much healthier!

Jane M.

Scattered Makeup

I was treated with A.R.T. to control my allergies which mainly affected the skin around my eyes and now I no longer have swelling, redness itchiness and flaking. Carol found that I was triggered by chemicals found in a lot of products I was using. She also cured numerous food sensitivities and environmental allergies and always gave 100% attention to detail. So thankful I found A.R.T. and Carol was located in my area of NJ.

 Carol R

Carol treated me for a sensitivity to eggplant where I felt I was losing my breath. Also, for oral allergy syndrome to honeydew melon. Lastly. I was treated for lactose intolerance which caused me to have often severe abdominal pain, bloating and diarrhea whenever I ate dairy. I am now able to eat all these things without any symptoms.   Jimmy D

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