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A.R.T. Allergy Release Technique® is an integrative methodology that focuses on building and strengthening the body’s immune system with the goal of eliminating allergic responses.  A.R.T. is a unique combination of advanced energy medicine and Western technology, working to balance an individual’s energy to allow the immune system to function optimally.

An individual’s immune system can become overloaded for many reasons, such as infection, environmental toxins, and immunizations. When the immune system is overloaded, it becomes overactive and is in a “heightened state” that triggers an immune response to harmless foods and substances. In other words, the immune response triggers what is commonly referred to as an “allergic reaction.”

Individuals with severe allergies have an over-reactive immune system.  The first component of the innovative and unique A.R.T. process is addressing the overloaded immune system in a proprietary protocol. This protocol was developed based on functional health using a Galvanic Skin Response Device.   A.R.T. looks at the body’s various systems as a whole to see which systems are stressed.  In addition, A.R.T. systematically detects which microorganisms and toxins are creating the stress.   A.R.T. also identifies five trigger allergens that habitually create stress in the body and contribute to the heightened immune response. Individualized treatments utilize homeopathy to balance the immune system.

Along with balancing and strengthening the immune system, A.R.T. has various tools to support the anxiety response in the body. Tapping specific acupuncture points help to reroute the Autonomic Control System and de-activate old scripting. Mantras, vision boards and grateful journals are also utilized to gain insight and shift perspective of the client’s emotional response to anxiety.

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A.R.T. strengthens and balances the immune system which provides many benefits to your body and alleviates many symptoms; more than just allergies.

  • Lyme Disease

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Hormone Balancing

  • Eosinophilic Esophagitis

  • Chemical/Heavy Metal Sensitivities


  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Autoimmune conditions

  • and many more below...


A.R.T. tests for over

200 foods






rashes, eczema, psoriasis



Pollen, Hayfever, smoke
dust, mold, pesticides


IBS, SIBO, bloating, cramping, leaky gut syndrome
GERD & acid reflux
diarrhea, constipation


A cross pollen allergen 
to fruits and/or vegetables


Inability to digest lactose in
milk products


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Jane M

My chemical sensitivities have greatly improved. I can now walk into the cleaning aisle while shopping and not have an allergic reaction; and I am also OK in a room when someone is wearing perfume or cologne. My elbow rashes are all gone. Carol is very organized, knowledgeable, compassionate and upbeat!

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Jimmy D

Carol treated me for a sensitivity to eggplant where I felt I was losing my breath. Also, for oral allergy syndrome to honeydew melon. Lastly. I was treated for lactose intolerance which caused me to have often severe abdominal pain, bloating and diarrhea whenever I ate dairy. I am now able to eat all these things without any symptoms.

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Diane W

Carol treated me with the  A.R.T.® protocol for my shallot and garlic sensitivities I have had for over 10 years. I am now able to eat them freely without any digestive issues. She also helped me overcome eczema and environmental allergies too!

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Carol R.

I was treated with A.R.T. to control my allergies which mainly affected the skin around my eyes and now I no longer have swelling, redness itchiness and flaking. Carol also cured numerous food sensitivites and environmental allergies and always gave 100% attention to detail. So thankful!

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